"Photos of the Week" from My Camera......Macro Challenge???

As you know I have joined two Meetup photo clubs.  One of the clubs is having a monthly challenge.  The month of August is a challenge for Macro or close up shots.  I have taken a ton of photos with my macro setting.  I can pick three pictures to enter in the challenge.  Here are a few that I am considering. Please use your Critical Eye, look over the ones I have selected and then leave your opinion on the three  that I should pick to enter in this months challenge....thanks for your help:-)

Enjoy your World Everyone:-)


  1. My picks are the dragonfly, sea oats (? third up from bottom) and the rose.

  2. I vote for the frog. All of them are awesome, but I loved the frog when you posted it on an earlier blog.

  3. I like the dragonfly, the daisy and the tomatoes. Nice job!

  4. Oh my, all of those photos are wonderful. But my favorite three are: the two before the last picture and the wet leaves, (6,14,15). Very beautiful!! :)

  5. What a beautiful set of photos. I am new follower from Friend Friday Organic Girl andTodays Diva

  6. Hi, thanks fo your lovely comment, I'm following you back now,
    I have to say I only started my adventure with photography I even intend to take a beginners course in September,
    I really like your photos, my favourite is orange daisy - I love it and that last photo

  7. These are gorgeous.


  8. Hi Kathiey, Great photos you have here. I really like the dragon fly. I think it might be interesting to do the cantaloup or tomatoes cropped more so you aren't seeing the whole fruit.

    I am enjoying my visit to NC through your site! What wineries do you visit there? Also, I loved your photos of the visit to your in-laws. May I ask what they do with their goats? We are thinking about taking the goat plunge.

    Thanks for visiting myeverydaygraces the other day and for leaving a comment:)


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