"Photo of the Week" From My Camera....The Garden Frog

Now that I have joined the Triangle Photography Club I will be taking many more photos.  (What fun!!!"-) They have a monthly competition & this month centers around getting close up shots, if you have one, using your macro lens.  I don't have a macro lens but I do have a macro setting. We have till the end of the month to submit 3 pictures so I thought I better get started.  I have been taking pictures of flowers, mushrooms, plants, insects, anything I could find.  While I was searching the garden I came across this cute little frog resting on a leaf and just started shooting.  He was the perfect subject, he didn't move.  So cute!
Here is his picture.  Not sure if I will enter him in the challenge, we will see:-)

I have been in the garden many times, yet somehow oblivious to all that was around me. Until I really started looking.  Wow, we are surrounded by God's amazing creation.
Enjoy Your World Everyone:-)


  1. I love the pics of that darling little frog!! I can't even imagine how amazingly beautiful things must have been in God's perfect Creation before mankind's fall into sin. What an amazing Creator!

    Thanks for visiting Cranberry Morning and leaving a comment on my shedding GSD. :-)

  2. When I shoot a creature a gleam in the eye tells me it is a good nature shot. Is this club online?Like the frog.Stop and look at a few of my shots and stories.


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