Exploring Kathiey's Local World..."Falls Lake Sunset" Wake Forest N.C.

I have always enjoyed, since I can remember, taking pictures.  For Christmas I got a Nikon Coolpix L100. ( It was an upgrade from my little Cannon power shot, the one I still take pics from when I am running a 5K:-)  I decided, since I take so many family shots and so many shots for my blog, that I wanted to learn more about the art of photography.  So, I joined a Meetup photography group.  Last night I gathered with about 40 other people at Falls Lake Dam in Wake Forest NC.  The goal was to take sunset shots over the water. What fun!!  Here are a few of my shots....Before sunset...

Phases of Sunset....

I had a great time with the photo folks.  Most of the people there had amazing cameras with multiple lenses, tripods, & even giant flashes. They carried large camera bags with oodles of equipment.  Me, I had my fanny pack with my phone and bug spray, my camera & my much needed reading glasses.  Even though my beginner status was apparent, I was warmly welcomed into the group.  Everyone there clearly wanting to teach and share their knowledge.  Someday, hopefully soon,  I will up grade but for now I am content with my little Coolpix.
Enjoy your world everyone:-)


  1. Don't be ashamed of the point & shoot camera status Kathiey!
    One of the photographers who shoots the Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers uses one! I felt very vindicated when I saw that, because that's what I use.
    It's not the camera - it's the eye. And yours is very good! :-)

  2. Great pictures! I love the sunsets. They're beautiful!!

    (visiting from nff)

  3. Hi. I'm stopping by from New Friend Friday. Great pics. The sunset ones look professional! I've been playing more and more with my camera as well. My hubby even got me a macro lens for Christmas. Happy Friday!

  4. Kathy - These photos are beautiful. I love the phases of the sunset.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog, love the last 2 sunset pictures, the color came out great! Definitely check out some of the photo challenges, have a great weekend!

  6. Sunset pictures are my favorites. They always take my breath away!

    Following from New Friend Fridays...

    Lucy's Human

  7. Hi Kathiey, It's nature shots like those that always remind me of how huge God is and how small I am. And how He could have put us on a black and white planet, but gave us glorious color, texture, and other treats to delight us.

    Thanks for visiting Cranberry Morning! Hope to see you again. :-)

  8. You usually have letters before your auto shot setting where you can adjust different settings which can be fun with sunsets.A tripod helps if shooting a longer exposure. Sharing as a group is real fun, and builds your learning.Check out a class, they are fun too.


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