"The Great Wyoming Buffalo Stampede"

Just the name evokes mental images.....

Now for the reality.... "The 32nd Great Wyoming Buffalo Stampede" Wyoming Delaware.  Our stampede was made of people running and walking 10K & 5K races.  The only buffalo I saw were the wooden buffalo awards given to the lucky few at the end of the race. (No I did not get one, but I did run the entire way and finished well so I was happy:-)  Didn't see any mountains as you see in the opening image but I did see Amish Buggies and cornfields.  We ran through Fifer Orchards where we saw peach and apple trees.  At the end of the race they had cold sliced watermelon and peaches. Refreshing!

"Nothing better then flatness when you are running a race:-)"

Yes, I take photos while I am running:-)

"Yep, we got to run along some Amish folks."

Here is our  herd of runners....

Joe (10K) and Stephanie (5K)

Me (5K) with the guys

We even came across some family members that we did not know would be there.  Bobby, Linda (5K) & their beautiful little girl.

After the race....water melon, peaches, & iced cold towels for the lucky few that came in early...Steph got one...and then off to the award party.
The coveted Buffalo Trophies

The band was playing, they were really good!

Runners and their families gathered for hot dogs, sodas, cold beer, and music as they waited for the lucky few to be presented with their buffalo.

Ted, 3rd place in his age group.
Great job Ted!!!:-)

Joe, 2nd place in his age group.
Go Joe,  looking good!!!

Linda, 1st in her age group.
Way to go Linda!!!
The proud few:-)

Great day was had by all at the stampede.  We missed Erica and Josh, maybe next year we can do it again:-)

Enjoy your world everyone:-)


  1. Congratulations Kathiey! You get kudos for even showing up from me - flat or no flat, a 5K is an accomplishment in my book.


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