Exploring Kathiey's World with Bruce....."St. Michael's Maryland"

A couple of weeks ago I had one of the best days I have had in some time.  I got to spend time with someone I deeply love, my brother Bruce.
(Just thinking of Bruce
makes me smile:-)

Bruce in front of
his group home.

St. Michael's MD
Nice waterfront town.
Fun shops and restaurants.
Neat winery also:-) 

I had 2 camera's with me on our day together.  I gave Bruce one.  He loved taking pictures & I loved watching him take pictures:-)

One of Bruce's shots, he is a natural!

After a nice boat ride & walk through town we headed to lunch.  Bruce's favorite meal...Crab Cake Sandwiches.  Yum!

Bruce is setting up for a final shot...
Great job Bruce!:-)

I see Bruce as my last connection with my childhood.  My parents are gone and my brother Dave, that Bruce and I were so close to is gone.  When I am with Bruce I somehow feel a bit of connection to them.
We had a wonderful day.  We laughed, talked, took pictures & explored together.  Wonderful Wonderful Day!!
Saying goodbye was much more difficult then I expected.  Just when I think I am done with the grief of all the loss in my family something triggers the emotions that remain just under the surface. I hugged and kissed Bruce goodbye & then I touched his face & cried, it was like losing my family again.
My mom always said Bruce is a gift & I agree he is:-)
Enjoy your world & enjoy your family everyone.


  1. Good morning, Kathiey. Reading your post reminded me of two things: Kent, who was our Bruce and St. Michael's, one of our stops when we were exploring the Chesapeake on our boat. While the Bruces in our life may be a challenge, they are also a gift and open hearts to a special love. I'm glad you can spend time together in ways that are meaningful for both of you. Have a great day, and I'm glad to have met you through New Friend Friday.

  2. What a touching post, your tenderness and love for your brother is so evident.

    Bruce is a great photographer, as you said - he's a natural.


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