Decorating With My Photos

As you know I am slowly trying to fix up our home.  When you come in our house it is a straight shot up a narrow stairway to the second floor.  At the top of the stairs is a wall.  Nothing on it, not too exciting.  I was thinking on our limited budget how can I make it look just a bit more inviting?  I have taken a few pictures in the last few months that I really like. Maybe I could enlarge them.  I selected 3 photos....

I decided I wanted to put the bench photo at the top of the stairs & the other two pictures in the upstairs bathroom.  I went on  and ordered my enlargements.
I was excited when the prints came, I couldn't wait to see how they turned out.  I looked them over with my critical eye.  Snapfish did a great job.  They were clear and the color was just like the original.  Now what?  A friend of mine had told me she had some prints framed and it was hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and that was with a discount.  I could not go that direction so I decided to hit the local Michaels & do it myself.  I lucked out,  most of their frames were at least 50% off.  I was able to find a wood toned frame for the hallway and two 8x10 white frames for the bathroom.  All that for $30.  I was happy.  I had stayed in budget and was able to brighten up the house at the same time:-)

I think I need to lower the picture just a tad, but there was already a nail there:-)

My white frames and enlarged photos for the bathroom.

They look nice in my much in need of a face lift bathroom.

Enjoy your world..even on a budget:-)

Happy Decorating Everyone!!


  1. Beautiful photos, Kathiey. Such a smart (and economical!) way to decorate and surround yourself with memories at the same time.


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