Recipe Review "Orzo with Sun Dried Tomatoes"

As promised I am going to review the pasta salad that I was soooo excited to make.  First of all I was cooking with ingredients that I had never cooked with.  Roasted red peppers I have on sandwiches in the past and really enjoy.  Sun dried tomatoes sounded wonderful.  Orzo, I must be honest, I was not sure if it was pasta or rice.  So off I went to Harris Teeter to gather the ingredients.

Everything looks so good, so colorful.

Chopped the red peppers & took a small piece to taste.  Tasted good

Chopped the dried tomatoes & took a small piece to taste.  Tasted like raisins?

Turned out to be a colorful salad, looked pretty good.

The salad should go well with the corn on the cob and steak that are on the grill.

Joe, The Master Grill Chef:-)

The meal is ready!  As you can see there is a rice dish and my pasta dish.  I knew Joe would not be interested in the pasta so I made him a boxed rice mix.

Brodie has his eye on the pasta:-)

So how was the meal you ask?  The steak was good, the corn was good, watermelon was fine.  My pasta was awful!  I can't even explain why.  Just an odd flavor.  Usually I can eat anything if I add a bit of salt....I tried that but to no avail.  So in the trash it went.  Joe was kind enough to share some of his rice.
I have been told by several folks that there are many variations of sun dried tomatoes & that I should try again, & I will, but probably not any time soon:-)

Happy Cooking Everyone:-)


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