Exploring My Yard in June....You never know what you will find:-)

All was peaceful in our yard until I saw the black snake in the side yard.
My dad always said that black snakes are good to have around.  I am inclined to agree because I have heard they keep down the rodent population.  I have also heard that they are territorial and that they keep away some of the other undesirable snakes in our area such as copperheads, water moccasins, and the rare, but found on occasion, rattlesnake.   I have seen this guy twice.  I will name him Sam.  Sam is about 3.5 ft long.  Joe said there is one that is around 6 ft long out by our back shed, he thinks it may be Sam's mom.  I don't think I will go out there:-)                          
I don't know how Bordie would respond to Sam.  Hopefully Sam can read and will stay away from our fenced in backyard!  
Enjoy your world!!.....But watch out for the snakes:-)


  1. What??? those snakes sound huge! Didnt we have a snake around when we were little that we called sneaky snake...or something like that

  2. Yep steph....it was sneaky snake:-)


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