Sunday Song "I Smile" by Russ Lee

I went on a 3 mile run yesterday.  While I was "slowly" moving down the road I was trying to choose a Sunday Song for today.  There were so many beautiful songs going thorough my mind.  I was thinking of the songs we sang on Wednesday night at Celebrate Recovery & of the songs we would be singing today at AUMC.  Wonderful songs of hope, joy, & love.  I was also thinking of all the difficult things that we face in life & the fact that God is with us as we encounter what at times seem to be constant storms.  I was running with my head down, stuck in my thoughts. Then I looked up & I began to look around me.  I saw God's creation in the trees, the flowers, & in the sky filled with downy white clouds.  I felt the cool morning breeze.  I thought to myself....even in the midst of difficulties if we are strong enough to take a moment to look outside of our situation, outside ourselves, just for a single moment we can find some reason to smile.  That is when I decided to choose "I Smile" as my  Sunday Song.  Enjoy the song and enjoy some of the pictures that make me smile & then go find some things in your world that bring you joy....& take time to smile.
Happy Sunday:-)


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