Sunday Song "Everyone Needs A Little" by Kari Jobe

One of the songs that I have been singing all week is "Everyone Needs A Little" by Kari Jobe.  A little what you may be asking?  The answer would be peace, rest, joy, life, hope, & love.  I think we need them all but of course we all know the greatest of all of these is love:-)

"Come all ye weary and ye broken 
Come to the table of the Lord 
Come sing the song of the for - given 
Come lay your burden on the Word, come and find 
Peace, everyone needs a little 
Rest, everyone needs a little 
Joy, and a song to sing in the darkest night 
Life, even when it gets you down 
Hope will turn it all around 
 But love is the greatest of these 
Every - one needs a little"

Happy Sunday Everyone!


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