Movie Review "The Green Mile"

This week I found myself watching a movie that I have watched before and love.  The Green Mile.  In spite of all the difficult themes in this movie I find hope, love and selflessness coming through as the bold theme.  To me this movie depicts, through its characters,  goodness in it's strongest light and hatred in its extreme, with all the other characters falling somewhere in the middle.  I always cry when I watch this movie, I cry at the injustice and again at the extremes of love & hope.
I have to give this movie a 10/10 on my rating scale.  Granted I saw the TV version not the R rated version, so I am sure if you see the original it will be much more intense.
 One quote I took from the movie was, that we are all "Walking our own green mile, each in our own time".
I believe that we do not walk alone in this world, I believe God walks with us.  “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”Hebrews 13:5 


  1. I love this movie too! I cried like a baby the first time I saw it.

    Thanks for stopping by and always leaving such encouraging comments for me!


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