Kathiey's Book Review "Apparition & Late Fictions" by Thomas Lynch & Fishing for Erica's Birthday

I have not had the best of luck with books lately.  This book came highly recommended on a web site.  The content is a series of short stories that center mainly around death.  The only story I could bring myself to read in its entirety was the first short story, "Catch and Release".  In a nut shell it was the story of a man who was very close to his dad.  When his father died his ashes were divided between his adult children and they had to decide what to do with these remnants of their father.  This man's dad had taught him to fish & so he ended up on the water with a thermos containing the ashes.  The story was sweet until the end.  He had lovingly scattered ashes in their favorite fishing spots but had one teaspoon of ashes remaining.  You don't want to know what he did with those ashes.   Reading the final paragraph I just gasped and shook my head & realized we all think a bit differently:-)   Would I recommend this book?  No.  I will give it a 4/10 on my reading scale.
I can relate to this one story in the book due to the fact my dad used to take us fishing.  We would all get on his boat and fish off the coast of Ocean City Maryland.  Sometimes it would take us hours to reach our destination where we would fish for Marlin, Dolphin (not flipper), & Blue Fish.  Other times we would go just off the coast to catch Shark and bottom fish.  Good memories.
Last summer we decided to charter a boat for Erica's birthday.  Granted I am still paying for it today but it was worth it.  We had a wonderful time.  Here are a few pictures of our adventure.

Erica, Steph,
& Josh

Steph & Joe

Me, the first mate & some type of fish???

Josh & his fish.

Erica & Steph getting ready to pull in the big fish of the day:-)

Josh holding the little fish with monster teeth.  Scary!


Our family and their fish

We took our fish to a local restaurant where they cooked them for us.  Delicious!

A fun day was had by all.

Happy reading and adventures everyone:-)


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