Happy Birthday Brodie:-)

A year ago on May 20th 2009 I adopted Brodie from a shelter in Chapel Hill.  My goal in going to the shelter was to find a little lap dog.  Erica was with me on my search. Well, she spotted a large dog with an odd but endearing personality.  I could not figure him out.  He would walk toward us in a very slow wiggly manner and then turn away and go back to his spot &  lay down.  He did this many times and would just look at us &  return to his spot....no doggie kisses, ...he just  looked sad.  With Erica's persuasion we choose Brodie.
Oddly enough  the day we picked him up to bring him home was also the day my little brother died.  I was sitting on the grass with my new dog just getting to know him.  Erica was there too. My cell phone rang it was the call about David.  As I sat on the grass crying with my daughters arm around me Brodie walked up and gave me a kiss, he seemed to know something was not as it should be.
Brodie has been my shadow ever since.  I walk with him, run with him, & just hang out with him. He was the dog I needed and has brought much joy to our lives. He remains the dog of few kisses.  I think I have had 3 kisses from him in the year he has been with us. One kiss when I really needed it.
Here are some pictures of Brodie in his first year as part of our family....Enjoy!

Dog walking group. Brodie made a new friend:-)

Erica with him on his first Halloween, Brodie was a bumble bee.


Joe & Brod

Brodie on a car ride to the park.
He has haunting eyes:-)

Brod with the
visiting grandpuppies,
Morgan, Roxy & October

Brodie with his birthday
cupcake.  As Joe always says about him, "He's a good ole boy"  and he is.
Happy Birthday Brodie!

Enjoy your world:-)


  1. Guess Cesar Milan is right - you don't get the dog you want, you get the dog you need!
    Sounds (and looks) like Brodie was the dog you needed (he needed you too!).

    Good for you for adopting from a shelter! He really looks like a sweet dog. :-)


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