Exploring Kathiey's Local World.....Symphony Lake Trail @ Regency Park

Last week Brodie & tried in vain to find Symphony Lake Trail @ Regency Park in Cary NC.http://www.townofcary.org/Departments/Parks__Recreation___Cultural_Resources/Parks_and_Greenways/Greenways/Symphony_Lake_Trail_at_Regency_Park.htm
 With a new map from map quest and an actual physical address I could plug into my GPS we set off again...full of hope.  The map from map quest was on the money, pleasant change from the map we had on our last attempt that excluded at least 2 roads that were needed to reach our destination. This time we made it.  Brodie was happy and I was happy, I did not want a replay of him vocalizing from the back seat.  We walked the paved trail around the lake once taking pictures along the way.  The second time we jogged...it was a nice flat trail...the kind I like:-)  We saw runners, walkers, plodders like me, turtles, geese and goslings, & a Great  Blue Heron.  Here are the pictures...enjoy!

Brodie just looked at them and only one brave turtle remains.

Get out and enjoy your world:-)


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