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Last week I scoured the internet for an area park with a lake that Brodie and I could do a little jog/walk around.  I found one and it sounded great..."Symphony Lake Trail @ Regency Park in Cary.http://www.townofcary.org/Departments/Parks__Recreation___Cultural_Resources/Parks_and_Greenways/Greenways/Symphony_Lake_Trail_at_Regency_Park.htm
We loaded up with water bottles, clean up bags, and a couple of treats and jumped in the car to head to the 1.3 mile paved trail around the lake.  I entered the information I had into my GPS.  The GPS voice said "unverified area....caution".  I thought, oh well I have directions I had printed off a map site so I should be fine.  Sadly the map was less then accurate.  Nearly an hour later I was still driving and frustrated, and Brodie was singing or swearing from the back seat, I could not tell which....& still no park.   Feeling defeated & with Brodie still "singing" from the back seat I headed home.  Then I remembered a tiny community lake on my route and decided to check it out.  It sits beside a Dunkin Donuts that my husband frequents off of highway 55.  It is not a public park and I don't know the name of it but it was a pleasant relief to park my car at the donut shop and then walk down to a lovely lake.  By this time Brodie had stopped singing and that too was a relief.

He let us get pretty close.

We walked the lake once and jogged the lake once & headed home.  Brodie was no longer "singing" but seemed content & I was glad just to have found a place to explore.  Next nice day that I am off and the weather is good I will again attempt to find Symphony Lake but I will use Mapquest instead of the site I will not name.  Mapquest, for me, has always been extremely accurate.
Happy exploring everyone:-)


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