Cinco De Mayo

I kept hearing on the radio, and seeing stories on TV and the internet of  the parties planned for the Cinco De Mayo holiday.  I knew it was a time to party but with my limited metal storage capacity I had forgotten the history in regard to Cinco De Mayo.  I googled it and found a brief summary of the event  Then I went on line to find a mexican recipe to serve in honor of this holiday.  I found "Creamy Chicken Enchiladas" on a site called  Made a quick and simple meal for Joe and myself and of course saved some chicken for Brodie.

It was a tasty meal but if I were to make the enchiladas again I would have to spice it up a bit.  Add a few more chili peppers on the inside for taste and on top for visual appeal.  I would probably give this recipe a 7/10 on my scale.  All in all a good meal.  I had spanish music playing in the background which was fun.  
Happy Cooking Everyone:-)


  1. Hi! I hope this isn't odd, but i read found your blog from the simplicity blog and saw you baked cinnamon rolls with your bread maker. i was hoping you could give me some advice as i'm new with my machine... so when i tried to make pizza dough last night i put it on the french setting like the book told me to, and it said to take it out when the setting was done (4hrs!) so i did, and it was fully cooked french bread! Do you know what i did wrong? I really want to make cinnamon rolls too, but am afraid the same thing would happen. thanks :)


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