Trying new things.."Sharis Berries" :-)

Look what Joe and I got in the mail.  A gift from Sharis Berries.  Yummy!  Now, after enjoying the chocolate covered strawberries and cheesecake, I will have to go out with Brodie and run 5 miles.  But it was worth it:-)

My first experience with Sharis Berries was on Valentines Day.  Joe surprised me with a box of chocolate covered strawberries.  I enjoyed them so much I sent a box to Steph and Josh for Easter. 

They are not cheap but they do make a wonderful gift for someone special.  You are probably thinking Kathiey how could you spend so much money on yourself?  Truth be told they made a minor error in shipping Steph and Josh their Easter gift and they gave me a free gift in apology.  Friendly people and great costumer service!

I made up sample plates for Joe and I to try.  It was very good, but we could not finish it all.  There is still a bunch in the fridge, luckily Erica came home this weekend so she can help us out.

Brodie is more then willing to help us out but as you know dogs and chocolate do not mix well.  Although I did give him a taste of the cheesecake, he loved it:-)


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