"Forever".....Kathiey's Books..continued.

I am now on page 336 of 608 pages.  I must admit I am ready to move on to a new book but I am determined to finish. Why, you may ask?  Just plain stubborn I guess:-)
This book was given great reviews on line and I love historical fiction novels.  Although, there are things about this book I don't love, that I don't need to know...And that would be "some" of the fiction.  The dreaded word that begins with an "F" is one of those things.  Although I can see it used on occasion for emphasis, enough is enough.  I have seen this word used not only in todays language in this book but also converted to old english....did they even use that word then??  Body parts....I do not need graphic descriptions of body parts.  I find myself skipping pages to get back to the history of NYC.
Thankfully, I have learned a bit about American history.  I have read about the awful conditions on board the ships that brought folks from Ireland to America and the many thousands that died.  I have learned that even if people made it to America that it was not an easy life, not the life they had hoped for.  I've read about slaves & indentured servants, the Revolutionary War & George Washington.  I now know we are blessed to have sewage systems that work after reading about how awful NYC was before this technology was developed.  Awful!
As you know I like to take something from the books I read and apply it to my life.  I think in order to do this I will have to return to the beginning of the book, to a time of family and innocence in young Cormac's life.  But you never know, I am "sadly" not finished the book yet.
Happy Reading!!:-)


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