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I started a new book, "Forever" by Pete Hamill.  A historical fiction novel that starts out in Ireland in the late 1700's and ends up in NYC.  The main character of the story is Cormac O'Connor.  Cormac starts out in the story as Robert Carson, a happy five year old boy living with mother and father in Ireland.  This family has great love and respect for each other and this care extends to the animals they own and later to the people they meet who are oppressed. So far I have seen the struggle between the Catholics and the Protestants in Northern Ireland.  The struggle of the Celts and their "Old Religion" under British rule in the late 1700's. http://newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Northern_Ireland

As Cormac becomes a young man he encounters all types of injustice.  Not to give anything away if you plan to read the book....but you see the injustice of slavery, unjustified murder, & religious prejudice.  You will read about deadly cold winters & famine.  All this leads Cormac to sail to NYC,  initially on a quest for vengeance but ultimately he is given the gift of eternal life and will witness the history of NYC from the 1800's to our present time.   (I am not sure how he gets this gift of eternal life....I have not gotten to that part yet:-)
When I read a book I like to apply something in the book to my life.  Like the last book I read where baking bread was the theme.  I guess with this book I will brush up on my Irish history of which know little and will learn about NYC.  I may also read up on the Celtic religious beliefs http://ireland17.tripod.com/ ....I love their music, may have to buys some on itunes:-)
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  1. This book sounds great Kathiey, I will look for it!
    I've been to Northern Ireland (right after the first peace treaty in 1995). The scars and division of 300+ years are still very much present.
    Irish history reminds me of our country's persecution of the Native people. The
    forbidding of religion, language, culture are similar and heart breaking.


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