"Forever" final book review. (Book motivation to fix up my fireplace:-)

I had to finally put this book down.  I managed to get to around 400 pages and found myself skipping several pages at a time, and realized I could not continue this book.  I was bored. As I mentioned before I usually try to take something from the books I read and apply it to my life.  In order to do this I returned to the beginning of the book.
I found in my reading that the Irish of that time relied heavily on folklore and superstition. Much of it centered around the hearth.
With the hearth in mind I went to my fireplace and went to work.

I cleared everything away and started with a blank slate.
Vacuumed and dusted the entire hearth area.

Removed the old candles that have been on this stand at least 2 years.  Cleaned it up as best I could

Went to Michael's and bought some vanilla candles for the stand. I had shopped around and found candles anywhere from $5 to $20 apiece.  When I found these for less then $2 per candle I scooped them up.

Then I arranged the things I already had, on and around the mantle.

I lit the candles and sat back and smiled.  It looked nice:-)

As far as my personal thoughts on "Forever" by Pete Hamill.  I would have to give it a 3/10 on my book scale.  It was long.  There were good parts but they were overshadowed by what were to me not so good parts. I love historical fiction but this was more fiction then history, and not the kind of fiction I enjoy reading.  So unless you want to fix up your fireplace....stay away:-)
Happy Reading:-)


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