Closet Makeover, inspired by the DIY showoff blog

There are a world of wonderful blogs out there.  Many are about decorating and home improvement.  I was looking at a few of my favorite blogs the other day and saw "the $8.00 closet make over" on the DIY showoff blog.  No I did not have an extra $8.00 to spare but I did have the ability clean out my messy disorganized closet.  So I set to work.
First the inspiration...  Then I looked over my messy closet, faced the facts that it was an awful mess, developed a plan, & now I am swallowing my pride and placing pictures online for all to see:-)

As you can see I am always in a hurry, just throwing things in the closet and moving on to my next activity with little regard to neatness.  I think organization has a lot to do with the neatness factor, so I knew my focus needed to be organization.

Now after hours of work I have a neat functional closet of which I can be proud:-)  How long will it stay that way?  That is the big question:-)

My towels have a place, my running hats have a home, and I even had room for little trinkets on the shelves.

I now have a specific spot for my shoes, my jackets and even my old worn out iron.

100% better then when I began!  It feels good to have something in my home organized.  Remember I am taking baby steps:-)

I went on line and found my dream closet.  Wow!

I found this at ..maybe


  1. Well, that WOULD be a perfect closet if you could just move a bed in there and put on a goooood lock!


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