Kathieys Local World...Crabtree Lake....Part 2

It  was Saturday morning and I was telling my husband my sad story of not making it to the dam breast at Crabtree Lake.  He said he had been there and that there was a better way to get to the dam breast.  So we gathered up Brodie and made our way to the lake.  We did not go in the main entrance, but drove further on 40E, exited onto  Harrison, turned right and ended up on Weston Parkway.  From there we took a back road which led us to a road beside the dam breast.  There is not a parking lot but runners and bikers were parked along the gravel road.  Joe, Brodie and I hiked and jogged along the wide paved path that leads over the dam breast and into a really nice wooded area.  This was a great hiking trail, from my perspective, because it was paved  wide and open.  Brodie and I will go back:-)
Get out and explore!
Enjoy Your World Everyone:-)


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