Kathieys Local World......Crabtree Lake, Part 1

We have lived in this area for nearly 20 years and there is so much that we have not taken the time to explore. With that in mind I grabbed Brodie, my doggie side kick, and we headed off to Lake Crabtree County Park in Morrisville N.C.   www.lakecrabtree@co.wake.nc.us

The goal of this day was to check out some of the trails and hike to the dam breast.   We went to the main entrance, parked and started walking.  Initially we walked the paved trails near the boat rental and fishing pier area.  There was a cool breeze off the lovely lake, it was nice.

 After walking a short distance on the paved trail we  came to the dirt bike trails.  I have heard that this is a great park for dirt bikes.  From my novice perspective the trails were confusing and not clearly marked.  After walking into the woods about a quarter mile and seeing many divergent trails I decided to head back for fear of getting lost.   We hopped in the car and came across another trial  the "Old Beech Nature Trail". This is  a short, no brainer trail...more my speed:-) 
I was disappointed that I did not make it to the dam breast but I was not defeated, I would try again!   Overall a very nice park.  It would be a nice place to enjoy a picnic lunch. There are playground areas for kids, great, although poorly marked dirt bike trails and in the summer boat rentals.  I hope to return in the summer to go kayaking.
Get out and explore!
Enjoy Your World Everyone:-)


  1. Good for you Kathiey for taking the time to explore!


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