Decorating for Spring. (Before and after photos:-)

   I can't believe it is almost Easter.  I spent some time yesterday looking at blogs beautifully decorated for the season and realized that there was not an area in my home that shouted spring.  So I decided to transform the entry table.  I had $5 to play with so I went to CVS and bought some Easter treats. I came home and searched the house for appropriate display items then I went into the front yard and cut some flowers and like magic I have a spring table.  Check out my before and after pictures. If you look too close you will see the wall needs a new coat of paint, but I am taking baby steps so it is ok:-)                                                    


  1. Hey Kathiey,

    You might enjoy this blog too, a friend of a friend's:

  2. Thanks for the link Kim. I will check it out:-)


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