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Just started a new book.  The author is Judith Ryan Hendricks.  It got excellent reviews on Amazon.  I am only on page 42 and already I feel connected to the characters.  It is about a young woman named Wynter,  love that name.  She married an extremely handsome, motivated businessman that she thought would love her forever. Sadly,  it seems, he has grown tired of her.  What does any scorned woman do??  She bakes bread!
This got me thinking....I have a bread machine somewhere.  I found it, dusted it off, and as we speak I am making bread.  Or I should say my bread machine is making bread:-)
I lost my instruction booklet for the machine so I just put the ingredients in the container and turned it on.  All I can say is that is smells really good.
I decided to try two recipes.  Amish Bread & Clone of a Cinnabon , both recipes were found on www.allrecipes.com.
Wish me luck:-)


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